Humpty Dumpty Isn’t the Only One Who Had a Great Fall

Humpty Dumpty Isn’t the Only One Who Had a Great Fall

The canoes are indoors, the docks are out of the lake, and we’re on snowfall watch now up at Cedar Ridge! These annual traditions signify that our Fall 2022 outdoor education season is at an end and that our Winter 2023 season is right around the corner. We’d like to take a moment to thank all of the teachers, leaders, staff members, brides, grooms, and parents who helped to make the outdoor education season at Cedar Ridge a very special one. In all we had over 2,100 people join us for outdoor education!

From Alive Outdoors kicking us off back in the Spring to Lakefield District Public school helping us close out in October, 2022 saw us welcome back friends we hadn’t seen in years and greet new ones we hope to see for years to come.

Here’s a look back at the groups we had the pleasure of hosting over the past several months:

  • Alive Outdoors
  • Sterling Hall
  • Brown Girl Outdoor World
  • North Hastings Community Integration
  • ISNA High School
  • Herman Public School
  • The Muslim Association of Canada
  • The University of Toronto Schools
  • Camp Awakening
  • York River Public School
  • Lakefield District Public School
  • Stockdale Public School
  • Beatty Fleming Public School
  • Aylesbury Public School
  • First Filipino Baptist Church
  • Camp Bucko
  • Camp Micah
  • Ken&Leah Wedding
  • Owen&Al Wedding
  • MYNA
  • Ashbury College
  • Sydney&Kristina Celebration
  • La Citadelle International Academy
  • ARS Armenian School
  • The Waterloo District School Board
  • KLC
  • Branksome Hall
  • Soul Full Camp

Our dates for groups in 2023 are filling in quickly! If you’re interested in having your group come back to Cedar Ridge next year please let us know. For now, we wish you a happy end to 2022!

The Cedar Ridge Team