How to choose a canoe paddle

How to choose a canoe paddle

How to choose a canoe paddle

We ask that all of our summer campers (with the exception of those arriving by plane) bring their own canoe paddle.  This ensures that the campers have a paddle that fits them and is comfortable for them while they are learning to canoe.  Having a paddle that can mean the difference between a pleas

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ant day on the water and a very frustrating experience.

Paddles come in many shapes, sizes, and materials.  You do not need to buy a fancy, specialised paddle for your child.  Basic canoe paddles are available starting at about $25.00.  Most paddles are measured in inches.

To find the right size paddle for your child, have them kneel on the floor.

  • If you are in the store, place the paddle grip-end down beside them. The throat of the paddle (where it begins to widen) should be between their chin and their nose.
  • If you are at home, measure the distance between the floor and your child’s nose then add this number to the length of the blade (the wide part of the paddle, usually about 20″).

Once you have found the correct size, make sure that your child is comfortable with the shape of the grip and the weight of the paddle.  Now let’s get paddling!