Summer 2023 Health Update

Summer 2023 Health Update

As we head into a new Summer season up at camp we wanted to provide updates on our health practices and visitor procedures. We understand that the health landscape in our communities is ever changing, and that a transition out of a pandemic mindset needs to be done with appropriate sensitivity. There are several sanitation practices that we adopted during the pandemic that we will be continuing to use, including: spraying with an electrostatic sprayer for the disinfection of surfaces, an increase in the number of hand washing stations around camp, and increased attention to self-monitoring of symptoms. We believe that keeping our sanitation practices in place will help us maintain a healthy environment for campers, families, and staff.

Speaking of a healthy environment for families, we are happy to share that families dropping campers off or picking campers up this summer will be invited in to see camp! It was all the way back in summer 2019 the last time we were able to do this, so we’re excited for many of you to see camp for the first time. Additionally, families dropping off on July 1st, 15th, or 31st are invited to join us for a buffet BBQ lunch on our front lawn. We do ask that any visit to camp please be on your pickup or drop off day. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about visiting the site.

In a change from previous years, this summer we will not be requiring testing or screening forms to be completed before arriving at camp. We do ask though that you monitor your camper(s) for any sickness in the days leading up to camp and to not send your camper(s) to camp if they are sick. This will help us start our sessions off healthy and make it much easier to maintain health throughout.

Despite our best efforts, we understand that campers might become sick at camp. If a camper becomes sick while at camp, we will contact the family and, if necessary, move that camper into an infirmary cabin to isolate. Campers who have common cold/mild symptoms of sickness will not be tested unless requested by the family and will not be sent home. If a camper develops symptoms of a more serious nature and our health team feels that isolation at camp is not the best course of action, then we will contact the family to arrange next steps, including recovering at home.

We’re confident that with the help of our outstanding camp community, we will enjoy a summer that is safe, healthy, and happy. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about any of our health practices.


Thank you!

Cedar Ridge Camp