COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Dear Cedar Ridge Parents,

We would like to thank you again for your patience as we navigate carefully and cautiously towards summer. We are so excited to be welcoming our campers back to Cedar Ridge, but understanding the great importance of keeping our campers, staff and community safe. Below you will find key points to our COVID Response Plan and information on how camp will operate this summer. This plan is in accordance with the Government of Ontario’s: “COVID-19 Guidance: Overnight Camps and Outdoor Education Centres”. Please note that our response plan is a living document and will be adapted to suit the current conditions of the pandemic.


Cedar Ridge Camp COVID-19 Response Plan:

  1. To implement testing protocols to minimize the risk of COVID-19 entering camp.
  2. To follow public health standards and to practice cohorting and social distancing to minimize the risk of community while at camp.
  3. To increase our onsite medical staff,  sanitation, and cleaning procedures.
  4. To offer program and activity outside, where likelihood of community spread is minimal
  5. To establish procedures for symptomatic campers and for potential onsite COVID-19 cases.



Cedar Ridge Camp’s main defense this summer is to minimize the potential of COVID-19 entering camp. This will be done through the completion of 3 separate tests, 1 before arrival, 1 upon arrival, and a final test after 3 days on site. All arrival tests will be conducted by a trained professional from the professionals at Wilderness Safety Systems in collaboration with Switch Health.

  • All campers must receive a PCR test approximately 7 days prior to their arrival on site. The government has developed programs to make these tests available at local pharmacies; testing locations can be found here.
  • Upon arrival at camp, campers will receive a rapid antigen test. The product used will be the Abbot PanBio rapid antigen test. This test is a shallow nasal swab which produces a result in 15 min. After producing a negative test campers will be admitted into camp.
  • 3 days into the session campers will receive another rapid antigen test which is the same type as above.


Pre Arrival:

Campers and staff (and their families) are asked to reduce their contacts to the extent possible and strictly adhere to Public Health guidelines and recommendations in the 14-day time period leading up to their arrival day at camp. Prior to arrival campers and parents will receive our camper information package. In this package will be a camper commitment, arrival, and screening form. We ask parents/guardians to read through these forms with your campers. Forms must be printed, completed, and given to a staff member upon arrival. 



Arrival at camp this year will look different, to ensure the safety of all campers and their families. Prior to arrival parents/guardians will receive a scheduled drop off time to ensure distancing between families. Our camper drop off location will be located just inside the front gates of camp. Please have the camper information package completed and ready to hand to a Cedar Ridge staff member. While still in the vehicle campers will receive their rapid test and remain there until the test results are complete. Once a negative result is produced campers and parents can unload their vehicle and the camper will be greeted and escorted into camp by their counsellor or Cedar Ridge staff member. While parents are outside their vehicles we ask that a face mask is worn and proper physical distancing is practiced. This year, as a safety precaution, we unfortunately will not be able to welcome parents and families into camp. Please note that Cedar Ridge Camp will not be providing transportation to camp this year, however, transportation from camp at the end of the session will be available.



After arrival at camp campers will be placed in a cohort. These cohorts will consist of staff and campers that are most likely to come into contact with each other frequently (Cabins and age groups). Cohorts will act as groups in camp with members of the same cohort being able to interact without face masks and physical distancing, this will provide a more traditional camp experience, for everyone. These cohorts will participate in activities and enjoy meals together just as Cedar Ridge Camp has done in the past. Cohort size will reflect the current community spread and vaccination data. These sizes will be determined with help from our local public health unit. When two cohorts interact they will follow physical distancing guidelines when interacting with each other (6ft/2m).


Managing Suspected and Confirmed Cases:

This year we have made our winter lodge available as a COVID-19 health center separate from our infirmary. This area will be used for campers and staff experiencing symptoms and a space for testing and care for suspected cases. Any camper or staff experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will be immediately isolated and receive a rapid antigen test. Camp and staff that receive a negative test will remain until they are symptom free before returning to their cohort. Campers or staff who receive a positive test will then receive a PCR test. If a positive result is produced the individual will be isolated until a pick up can be arranged. Once a positive test is received all members of the same cohort will then receive a rapid antigen test. In the event of an outbreak Cedar Ridge Camp will follow the advice of public health.


PPE and Sanitization:

PPE (personal protective equipment) will be a key part of this year’s packing list including. Campers will be required to bring 7 face masks and 2 pocket sized bottles of hand sanitizer. Face masks must be reusable/machine washable and comfortable to wear. In order to store and wash masks effectively campers we ask campers to bring a small washable mesh bag an example of these bags can be found and purchased here or here. Any other PPE will be stocked by Cedar Ridge Camp onsite and available to campers when needed. Cedar Ridge will also have:

  • Hand Sanitizer stations strategically placed at every activities area, building and washrooms
  • Rapid tests kept on-site to test any symptomatic individual
  • Increased cleaning and sanitation to reflect public health protocols
  • Schedules for equipment being cleaned and disinfected between cohorts
  • Frequently touched surfaces cleaned and disinfected often
  • Use of electrostatic sprayers to sanitize indoor areas, public bathrooms, and outdoor equipment


Refunds and Extra Charges:

To keep our community safe and following public health regulations have brought a dramatic increase in cost that was not reflected in our 2021 pricing. These increased costs include: rapid testing, sanitation, PPE, increased nursing staff, and changes to the physical site. To help share a small portion of these costs there will be a one time $50 (CAD) charge added to your final invoice. 

If camp is cancelled for any reason a full refund will be given, minus credit card processing fees. If a camper tests positive during a session including on arrival,  parents/guardians will only be charged up until the camper is picked up and you will receive a refund for the remaining days.


If you have any questions about any of these protocols and procedures, please click here see our FAQ page for answers.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Why is there no provided transportation to camp this year?

Cedar Ridge Camp’s COVID-19 strategy has testing at its heart. To properly maximize the effectiveness of Point of Care (POC) testing, the tests must be administered at the point of entry. Because campers are coming from different communities we would not be able to ensure that  only members of the same cohorts share a bus.


You mentioned no provided transportation to camp. What about transportation home?

If possible we encourage all campers to take use of our provided transportation home. After 2 weeks symptom free at camp, cohorts become established, which means it is safe to merge cohorts for a bus ride home.


Help! I can’t drive my child to camp! How can I get them onsite?

Cedar Ridge Camp will not be providing transportation to camp this year. However, we do not want transportation to be a barrier for kids to attend camp. If you have no way of transporting your child up to camp please contact the camp office and we will work with you to find a solution.


When you say rapid tests will be administered by trained professionals what do you mean?

Cedar Ridge Camp will be using the Abbot Panbio Rapid Antigen tests, this test is a shallow nasal swab. In addition to our trained on site Nurse’s we will also have the professionals from Wilderness Safety Systems in collaboration with Switch Health who are trained in the field of rapid testing in camp and outdoor settings. If necessary we will also be accessing PCR tests through Wilderness Safety Systems, our local pharmacies, and public health. More information about Wilderness Safety Systems can be found here.


Will campers be required to wear masks in their cabin? At activities?

No! Campers will only be required to wear a mask in public buildings (not cabins) or when physical distaning cannot be maintained from people outside their cohorts. Campers will only be allowed to enter their own cabins. 


How do I/my child qualify for a PCR test?

Because you/your child are living in a camp setting you actually qualify in 2 of the categories for PCR testing; you are both living in a congregate setting, and in child care. Filling in either of these qualifications will make you eligible for a PCR test. 


Why do we need so many tests?

Testing is Cedar Ridge Camp’s most important defence against a COVID-19  outbreak. If we can prevent the virus from ever coming on site, we will prevent any outbreaks from the root source. Despite being very accurate, each test is not 100% proof that an individual does not have the virus. The idea of multiple tests to hopefully catch the miniscule amount of people that would fall through the cracks with a false negative result.


How will you ensure the safety of campers during meal times?

For meals we will be utilizing multiple indoor and outdoor spaces to allow for proper physical distancing between cohorts.


Will camp start on time this year?

We hope so! At this point summer camps still must wait until Ontario enters stage 2 of its opening plan. Summer camps remain hopeful to be moved into stage 1 of the opening strategy. However, if this does not happen and we must open late we are prepared to do so.


What if I/my child has tested positive in the last 90 days but is no longer symptomatic?

It is not advised to receive a test in this interval due to the greatly increased chance of receiving a false positive result. If this situation applies to you or your child please contact the camp office.


Local staff

All staff that live in the local area and come onsite for maintenance, cleaning, or cooking must follow strict PPE protocols. They will interact with campers and staff only when absolutely necessary and only if they are using proper PPE and protocols


Will staff and campers be required to have a vaccine?

Although a vast majority of our staff and some of our campers will be vaccinated we are not requiring it and going to be operating camp as if no one on site has received a vaccination. Cedar Ridge Camp strongly encourages everyone who can to become vaccinated.


Since there is so much testing, why are cohorts necessary?

Cedar Ridge Camp is trying to ensure the maximum possible safety for all campers. Despite the possibility of covid escaping detect being small it is still a possibility. If a case makes into camp we do not want to put the entire camp at risk, and cohorting allows us to minimize this. 

If you have a question that was not on this list or want further clarification on one of the answers please reach out to us by sending an email to